Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coldplay to release single from new album for free; Does anyone care?

No really, does anyone?

I saw in the wasington post express this morning that coldplay plans on releasing the first single from their new album for a free download from their website. All I could think of was, who listens to Coldplay these days? Actually the first thought that sprang into my head was that it kind of reminds me of Radiohead releasing their latest album for whatever price you think it's worth from their website. The second thought that popped in my head was, "I don't know anyone that admits to listening to Coldplay. Maybe I don't know a lot of peopel, granted. but c'mon, COLDPLAY? I know I should come up with a more astute response than this, but all I can think to add is, "c'mon, Coldplay sucks."

so yeah....uh....that's that. Coldplay sucks, and even if they release their whole album for free on the internet, people STILL won't download it, cause you can't polish a turd.